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“Me Too” - The "Me Too" movement has brought a lot of attention to sexual crimes committed against women. Research shows that (1) rape or sexual assault happens every 2-minutes and 90% of adult rape victims are female.  Another research study reported that resisting a rape attack physically or verbally reduces risk of rape by more than 80%, compared trying to only resist the rapist, which is what most women try to do.


This means that if you are attacked, it is almost always worth screaming and fighting back.  But the more you know how to fight back successfully, the safer you will be.


Our “Me Too” Self-Defense Training Class is designed to train you how to use successfully-proven, easy-to-learn and effective ways to survive any type of attacks against you.


The “Me Too” classes will also help you to build self-confidence and conquer fear.


Let us show you how to be more Confident and Live Fearless!


Don’t Wait….. Live Fearless!

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